Oribella App

Oribella is India’s first and only mobile Doorstep Healthcare platform for local Pharmacies, Doctors, Ambulance, Pathologies and their customers/clients/patients.

At Oribella we thrive by connecting local Pharmacies, Doctors, Ambulance, Pathologist to the community. Our company’s

mission is to “Provide Doorstep Healthcare Service to the People and competitive, profitable and convenient method to

fulfill Prescription Medication by Pharmacies, Home Visit Service by Doctors, Doorstep Service by Ambulance and

Pathologist in a quick, valuable and cost-effective way for their customers/Clients/Patients.” Our goal is to ensure that the

people and their local Pharmacist, Doctors, Ambulance and Pathologist are connected at anytime and anywhere, so that

whenever a medication prescription or doorstep healthcare service is required, prescription fulfillment or doorstep

healthcare service request can be sent with a Click and any required communication between the customer and their

pharmacist, doctors, ambulance, pathologist can happen in an instant. We live and breathe our motto “Healthcare At

Doorstep” in every aspect of our lives.

Oribella currently provides the following benefits to Pharmacies, Doctors, Ambulance, Pathologist and their customers

including but not limited to:

• Very efficient , Innovative and easy to use mobile application.

• Once click Doorstep Healthcare Service request to their local Pharmacy, Doctors, Ambulance, Pathologist.

• Save time and money be reducing Doorstep Healthcare Service beforehand rather than in store/clinic/pathology/hospital.

• Ability to request Doorstep Healthcare Service anywhere and anytime.

• The ability to support local small Pharmacies, Doctors, Ambulances, Pathologies.

• Oribella offers Independency / Freedom to the Pharmacies, Doctors, Ambulance, Pathologies.

• Obtaining Doorstep Healthcare Doorstep Service from local pharmacies offering discounts.

• Oribella offers Equal Opportunities for the business to Pharmacies, Doctors, Ambulance, Pathologist.

• Oribella provides opportunity to Pharmacist, Doctors, Ambulance, Pathologist to serve community and earn fame and

name both.

Oribella provides freedom of choice of Pharmacy, Doctor, Ambulance, Pathologist as per their choice, need and

availability at their nearest location anywhere anytime for quick service.